ReadAir 0.31

Fetch Google Reader feeds from your desktop


  • Nice feed display
  • Totally synchronized with online Google Reader


  • The "add new feed" function doesn't work properly
  • No keyboard support

Not bad

ReadAIR is an AIR-based RSS feed reader that you can use instead of Google Reader to review the latest posts in your favorite blogs.

This app works in a very simple way: enter your Gmail address and password, and it'll automatically fetch all your feeds, as well as your shared and starred items. The interface looks like iTunes a lot, which makes the program seem kind of familiar and easy to use.

ReadAIR works generally fine. I especially liked the way feeds are displayed on the program's interface, keeping the original post's layout at all times and using a very visually appealing text font.

However, the program also has some major flaws: to begin with, I couldn't add any new feeds (the "Add" button simply showed a blank window). Also, the only way to move through feeds is by using the mouse, meaning there's no support for keyboard shortcuts.

ReadAIR provides you with another way to access your Google Reader feeds, though it still needs to improve to become a real alternative.

ReadAir is an OS X themed desktop client for Mac or Windows, built on Adobe Air. This client lets you access your Google Reader feeds without opening your web browser. See what ReadAir features for you:

  • Mac themed scrollbars and form elements
  • Full synchronization with Google Reader Account
  • Add/Remove/Manage tags
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe from feeds
  • Search your feeds
  • User preferences
  • Resizable viewing pane
  • Auto software update
  • Auto login



ReadAir 0.31

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